Our intention when we set this Competition up in 2020 was to inspire future guitar builders and to potentially help a few people who could not afford to get into this rich and rewarding career.  While we have managed to do this in a very limited way, we feel we can do far more good for a much larger number of people if we use a slightly different approach.

We have chosen a number of music related causes and charities with a variety of incredible goals, and we hope that you will help us make these a reality.



Dorset Guitar Museum

Our dream is to create a Guitar collection, both physical and digital to educate and inspire both luthiers and players alike.

In the process of being registered as a UK Charity.

Crimson School of Luthiery Scholarship Fund

Giving Free or Subsidised luthier's tools or courses in Guitar Building. Administered by Dorset Guitar Museum.

Which is in the process of being registered as a UK Charity.

Musicians Without Borders

In collaboration with local musicians and organisations, we bring music to people and places affected by war, armed conflict, and displacement.

Jessie's Fund

Established as a registered charity in 1995, Jessie's Fund helps children with serious illness, complex needs, and communication difficulties through the therapeutic use of music.

Hungry For Music

At Hungry for Music, their mission is putting quality musical instruments into hungry hands. They serve children who demonstrate a desire to learn music, as well as teachers who have students willing to learn.

Music Fund

 Music Fund is a Belgian non-profit association that supports music schools and socio-artistic projects in conflict zones and developing countries, as well as in Europe.

Since the start of the competition we have raised over £95.64K for various charities and other good causes.



Our Plans for the future

A Scholarship Fund

5 to 10% of profits would go into a scholarship for a range of various in person courses or even some 1 on 1 phone calls? Courses including full board and materials

Collecting and Repairing broken Instruments

Set up a broken guitar/instrument collection from any source which will be mended/refurbished and given to schools/music students (maybe even sent to 3rd world countries?)