The Great Guitar Build Off

Dorset Guitar Museum

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In collaboration with the Daily Guitar Draw and Crimson Guitars, Dorset Guitar Museum are putting together a world class collection of guitars and both an in person and an online experience for all guitar nuts!

Focusing on researching and teaching how and why guitar builders did what they did in the past while subsidising luthiery tools and training with an aim to branch out into collecting and distributing instruments of all kinds on behalf of children and young people who cannot afford their own. 

Watch this space, sign up for our newsletter and follow the Crimson Guitars YouTube Channel for more on this exciting journey into the history of our favourite instruments.


This year the biggest change though is that this whole thing is about even more than promoting guitar building, this year every single guitar build will be raising money for a small selection of worldwide music based charities and good causes.

We will regularly update the giving page with the amounts raised and will also be posting competition wide donation news across all our socials. If we can help just one person get the music therapy they need, or an instrument they can't afford then all of this is worthwhile.. and we can, together, do so much more!

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