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The Great Guitar Build-off

Yann Vincent

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Hi! I'm Yann VINCENT, a 26 year old French and a complete rookie when it comes to luthiery, and a bit in woodworking. I live at my parents' house in Alsace, at the far East of France, roughly 15 km away from the German border. But I wanted to build an electric guitar for 2 years now as being an artist and long-term unemployed gets you to make projects. But at the time I was a bit procrastinating. Enter 2020 and the first GGBO. When it was done ended I knew the next iteration would be the perfect opportunity for me to start building and try to learn new skills.

My build is called Iris. It's going to be a T-style guitar as I'm a beginner and it's my favorite design for guitars, so I can kill 2 birds with one stone (though no animal will be harmed during the building). It's going to follow an Art Nouveau/Modern Style inspiration, as Alsace, my region in France, was one of the birth places of this art movement born in the end of the 19th century, and the guitar will follow some of the staples of the Art Nouveau, like flowery design, interesting curves, and marquetry. My sister is a huge fan of this art style, and I quite enjoy it too, so it's also a bit of a nod to her, and to my region as well. As another constraint I've put on the design is to use only really local woods you could find in my region. As such, it will have a spruce body (which can be found in the Vosgian mountains) with walnut top (still present in Alsatian woods), laminated bolted neck with chestnut, beech, acacia and ash (all coming from Alsace) or other local woods depending on the hardwood stores I can find, and a maple fretboard I ordered at a German woodstore. Also, I will make a marquetry on the pickguard and headplate with stained sycomore, maple and roasted beech veneer from a local veneer store, with a faux plywood technique. The guitar itself won't be stained as I want to have natural wood tones and as it doesn't really work with the Art Nouveau art style. To top it all off, I will use brass parts to highlight the design, with a brass nut, buttons, strap locks, jack plate, pickup covers and bridge. It will also have abalone side dots, and the fingerboard dots inlays will be abalone inside a copper tubing, all to further emphasize the Art Nouveau inspiration

It's going to be a first try for me, I'm not intending to make a perfect guitar as my first try. But I still want to give it a shot

You can visit my YouTube channel here:


You can see the video of my final build here:


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