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The Great Guitar Build-off

William Brown

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I live on under 10k usd a year disability and the last 3 years at this time I have built race drones as my yearly project. Since the new regulations are reticules I decided since I have been a fan of Crimson to tag into the GGBO. My build is now a piece meal kit with a PRS body that is maple on mahogany and aa all maple  Charvel Jackson style neck. I wanted to try LACE pickups and asked for help but no one has returned my inquires. I then opted to use EMG Glenn Tipton Vengence set and by the time I put away the money they were unavailable. So Tuesday a set of Zakk Wyld EMG 81/85 arrive. The electronics will either be the solderless set up that comes with the guitar or a mix using Bourns pots with push pull for tone and possibly coil split?... Not sure that can be done on the EMG's .  I will be order and finishing oil and possibly some stains with the coupon as soon as that shows up.     This build is already full of things to adapt and over come from hidden manufacture defects on the body to my dumb self  (ordered the neck for a Firebird build originally but body was not in stock) Ordered a bolt on neck and a set neck body. In the process of a MAJOR carving and fitting of a maple addon to adapt the neck and body. Wasnt sure I could time the buying of parts with still being able to officially enter but with some creative bill management and Many a Raman Noodle (kidding I aint starvin myself to do this by any means)I managed to get to this point to be officially entered. Talk about a scratch build in kit form huh...

You can visit my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVPsGftXzS6sC8-Q2v_MD3g?view_as=subscriber

You can see the video of my final build here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgPKx9NP_co

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