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The Great Guitar Build-off

Tony Haimes

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I was a maths teacher until last summer but have always played and played around with guitars. A change in circumstances meant I was able to give up work temporarily and try my hand at building electric guitars (and who knows maybe acoustic one day).
I went on Crimson Guitars' 2 week course (3 month would have been better!) and built (with help) my first guitar. Since then I've built 3 more myself at home in my "workshop" with some good tools, some bad tools and without some tools I could do with (like a planer/thicknesser, pillar drill, table router etc...)
I think they're getting better and I learn more with each one. My guitars are probably more traditional but without being LP, S or T remakes. So my next step is to try and start some sort of business and see what happens! So I've called myself Euler Guitars (it's pronounced "oiler" by the way) as a nod to my mathematical former life and am about to start some sort of marketing. I'm posting on Instagram and have created a YouTube channel but haven't posted a video yet. My GBBO videos will be going on there and maybe some others...
My build will be my Cooper model which is an offset model. It will be semi-hollow with one sound hole, 2 pick ups with single coil or P90 in the neck and splittable HB in the bridge. It'll be Korina body, maple top, maple neck and probably ebony fretboard.
Details of actual inlays, binding, finish etc to be decided - I do change these detail as I go!
The key design feature of this model, which I think is unique, is the parallel lines. So the body at the neck, end of fretboard, volute, heel, headstock and truss rod access all follow the same line. It's cool I think!

You can visit my YouTube channel here: 


You can see the video of my final build here: 


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