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The Great Guitar Build-off

Tim's 2021 Build

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Tim Sway is a Connecticut-based artist who works exclusively with reclaimed and sustainable materials.

After a 15+ year career as a recording and performing musician, Tim “retired” from music to make tangible art and wares from reclaimed and sustainable materials - to “Make Worthless Things Priceless.”

But making trendy, barn wood coffee tables and wall art was too static. His journey brought him back to music as he now (mostly) makes custom guitars and basses from “trash” and eco-ethical materials.

“Guitars are the perfect outlet for my work. I can turn trash into art that lives on to make more art in the hands of musicians. This is truly a net-positive trajectory,” says Tim Sway.


Tim continues to develop inventive and eco-conscious approaches to guitar making and the business surrounding it, including building a solar-powered micro-store and stage in the back of a step van and developing other music-related products in ethical and environmental ways.


He shares his journey at YouTube.com/TimSway and www.NewPerspectivesMusic.com.

Proceeds from Tim’s portion of the Great Guitar Build Off will benefit the Arbor Day Foundation.

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