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The Great Guitar Build-off

Theo van Cappellen

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I am a young guitar builder out of Holland, I build mostly guitars using aluminium or steel, last year I competed in this competition with my "Rastocaster" build. A guitar made out of steel 'raster' material. I am very proud of that guitar, however, this year I'd like to step things up a bit!

Currently I am still figuring out what kind of guitar I would like to build, my plan is to make an electric guitar using brass or bronze, or a combination of different materials. Because I am a fan of metal materials, I would like to make as much parts out of various metals as I can. The plan is to challenge myself and make something I haven't done before!

I am very excited to start this competition again, guitar building is a passion that started a few years back, I came to the conclusion that I could make the instrument that I love, with material I like to work with. That combination always triggers me to come up with new ideas, and make something that hasn't been done before.

You can visit my YouTube channel here:


You can see the video of my final build here: 


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