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The Great Guitar Build-off

Maverick Edwards

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I'm a software developer by trade and a bit like the cobbler's kids have no shoes, I'm terrible at keeping up with an online presence.  I got into guitar building as a natural extension of modifying my own (and friends) instruments to suit our needs and preferences, eventually this lead to "I'll just build what I want myself".  My interest in joining this contest is multi-fold; one is for feedback and seeing if this is a realm I can make a stand in, two is that having deadlines is motivation that I have been in sort supply of in large part due to number three.  Years ago my daughter and I were at a guitar show and she was enamoured with this steam punk styled guitar.  I told her that if she learned to play, I'd build her anything she wanted.  In December of 2019 she committed suicide.  It's hard to carry on with the hobbies you love without those you love.  So in a way I'm going to keep my promise, the design I have in mind will be something like a steam punk Les Paul / Wolfgang hybrid.

You can visit my YouTube channel here:


You can see the video of my final build here:


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