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The Great Guitar Build-off

David Ross

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I have been building guitars full time for 10 years now. After a medical problem during music school, I had to switch careers goals from playing guitars to building guitars.

After college I spent 10 years building over 2500 guitars while working at 3 different custom shops. I've worked on guitars for Billy Gibbons, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Joe Walsh, Walter Becker, Zakk wylde, ect... 

In 2019, my mother bought the building next to her business because it was a 7600sq foot building with 12 foot ceilings that was owned by a horder. It was packed full with rotting garbage and smelled horrible. He wasn't a great neighbor. 

My brother and I have spent the last year and a half ripping it down and rebuilding it as the woodshop of our dreams. After a 8 month complication with a roofing contractor, we were supposed to be up and running by February 2020, so with the lockdowns we spent 6 months without electricity in the shop due to lockdowns and shortages. 

The shop is finally running and my prototype violin the "Isabella"(#11 top post on r/woodworking), My prototype archtop the "Fatts", and this prototype acoustic/electric guitar the "Roxy", are finally finished. I am also finally open to take orders.

You can visit my YouTube channel here: Against The Grain - YouTube

You can see the video of my final build here: https://youtu.be/_Dw7AVj5CCo

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