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The Great Guitar Build-off

Chris Climo

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I'm Chris, I'm a novice weekend carpenter, and a very average rock guitarist. I started into making guitars at the start of lockdown. First couple came out pretty good - so here I am! 

My build for the Kit comp, since I haven't yet the setup for necks, is a Telecaster themed around the Greek god of Fire and Smithing : Hephaestus.

A twin humbucker telecaster with bigsby style tremolo arm, tuneomatic roller bridge and locking tuners, with a treble bleed mod and individual tone and vol controls for each pickup - and a three way selector switch.

The body was made from scratch, from a piece of live edge English Ash. the bottom horn was removed, and a hand welded custom "skeleton", blued, put in its place, with the join decorated with bismuth and dyed sawdust to create a geode effect.

The top and middle section of the face was then charred to the point of cracking - and the live edge, wood split, charring, and horn skeleton all suspended in epoxy resins in multiple stages.

The remaining surface was ebonised with a bespoke method and mix of dyes etc, French polished into the grain filled surface. The whole guitar body is protected by several layers of 2k lacquer.

The neck is a 'kmise' eBay item - a maple and rosewood paddle headstock, which is customised with logo, my own shape, some burning, and protected with several coats of oil. I then had to basically do all the frets too.

You can visit my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvoXG13VhTX4R1poUSQMrGQ

You can see the video of my final build here: https://youtu.be/RMvEUre-zVU 

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