Anthony  Platts

Anthony Platts

I have been tinkering with guitars since I learned my first 3 chords, building my first guitar as a school project over 20 years ago. After dealing with a rough patch in my life I returned to working on guitars and started amassing tools, materials and information which helped me build my skills and create my first playable instruments.
Over the past 6 or so years I have been building guitars under the 4th Avenue Guitars brand with the key aim of creating high quality instruments, using attractive materials and top quality hardware. My almost obsessive attention to detail means that I make from scratch or customize as many parts of each guitar with the hope of creating something unique and ultimately an instrument that makes you want to play it.

This year I plan to build an ES-335 inspired guitar, using techniques I have never before attempted and incorporating design elements from a varied range of influences. Beyond that, my design process is very fluid and prone to change without any notice.