Thos Edwards

Tom Grant Guitars 


Hi everyone,
I am an acoustic guitar maker based in Denver, Pennsylvania and the owner of Tom Grant Guitars. I love the complexity and detail required to build acoustic guitars and my goal is for each one I build to be better than the previous one. My experience in the repair world has shaped my designs to incorporate technologies that will extend the time before a guitar needs a neck reset, and also make it far easier for the luthier to reset the neck when it is needed.
I recently moved shop from a tiny basement space to a garage where I can finally have the space to make guitars from raw lumber. It is a slow process to build up the tooling and materials but I am excited for the journey. You can follow along with me on YouTube or on instagram @tom_grant_guitars

(I specialize in acoustic guitars but for this competition I will be building a semi hollow body electric guitar)

Owner and Luthier at Tom Grant Guitars
Journeyman Graduate from the Galloup School of Lutherie
3 yrs. Final assembly and set up Technician at Ken Smith Basses