Neil Paskin - Pask Makes - Invitational

Completed Guitar




Your chance to OWN this guitar!


Guitar Specs:

  • Body Wood/s- Silky Oak and Brushbox
  • Neck wood/s- Rosewood
  • Fretboard - Ebony
  • Scale Length- 25 1/2 inch
  • Fretboard radius - 12 inch
  • Type of frets - unsure
  • Inlays - mother of pearl
  • Finish - acrylic lacquer


Recycled parts-

  • Silky oak top and back plate were made from old boards.
  • Sides were brush box floor boards.
  • Linings and tone braces pine from old furniture.
  • Strips in the neck, old timber (unknown)

Neil Paskin - Pask Makes - Invitational

I’ve always been excited about making and creating and in 2016 I was lucky enough to become a full time maker. 

My approach to making is having fun and giving it a go, learning new techniques and experimenting with ideas. This keeps things fresh and can be woodworking, metalworking or whatever creative inspiration comes my way.


You can follow my journey on my YouTube channel Pask Makes. 
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