Michael Schiesari - Schiesari Custom Guitars - Scratch

Michael Schiesari - Schiesari Custom Guitars -  Scratch
Fully custom, mostly handmade guitars, basses and pickups.

The Build Process & Specs

As my 3rd build ever, and since I hadn’t ever played one, I decided to make myself a neck-through bass to learn on and to incorporate all the features I would want in a high end instrument

Here are the specs:
- 5 string lefty bass
- Ebony fretboard, 34”-37” multiscale (7th fret perpendicular), infinite radius
- Bronze powder + superglue moon phase inlays
- EVO gold mandolin fretwire
- Neck through laminate (sycamore + walnut with white veneer)
- Spalted beech body wings
- Quilted maple top with a black veneer underneath
- Hipshot solo saddles
- Hipshot ultralite tuners
- Fishman Fluence Mike Inez signature pickups and electronics
- Magnet-latched control and battery cavity covers
- Magnet-latched truss rod cover at the heel, which doubles up as a ramp
- Finished with 4 coats of pure Tung oil (wet sanded up to 1000 grit) then 2 coats of Alfie Shine wax which I then buffed to a light sheen