Matheus Mayer

Sina Guitars


Hey there, let me introduce myself :)

I'm Matheus, a Brazilian Luthier working for a few years now. I have an Architecture background and started studying Lutherie in 2017. After I finished the course in 2019, I started developing some models inspired by a retrofuturistic aesthetic. My process is heavily influenced by my time with architecture and I always go through many iterations of a project before I start to cut any wood. I always begin sketching on paper and afterwards finish the plans and make some color studies on the computer. Since I still don't have a complete workshop I make use of a lot hand tools and jigs for my guitar building, but it has never held me back in creating great instruments. I have followed Ben since the beginning of my Lutherie journey and when I was stuck inside in 2021 I recorded some processes of my work. This years I decided to give it a try in the Great Guitar Build-Off. I hope you guys enjoy the final result!