Laurent Vanaerde - Scratch

Completed Guitar

Laurent Vanaerde - Scratch
I'm a self taught weekend woodworker. This journey started around 4 years ago when I wanted to make my own bass guitar and the fun never stopped since then.
My idea for this build was to use as much as reclaimed material as possible, like the invitational builds. I used pallet wood for the body, some leftover maple for the neck, and a piece of what might be cherry wood for the fretboard.
I dismantled an old Squier that was rusting in a corner, stripping it for parts.
The only things I had to buy for the entire build were the head tuners (too damaged on the rusty Squier), a truss rod, some frets, and a selection of Crimson stains :)
I'm really pleased of how it turned out, considering I had to rush it a bit at the end. It's probably still a work in progress as I will add some inlays, and probably do something  for the headstock that I find a little bland. But I have at least a functional guitar to show this time
I would like to support  The Crimson School of Luthiery Scholarship Fund, Musicians Without Borders, Music Fund, Jessie's Fund & Hungry For Music
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