K Laszlo Sipos

SL GuitArt

Hobbyist kit-guitar builder, guitar-recycler, guitar-rethinker, guitar carver, steampunker, etc.
I have combined the love of guitars and fine art into the building of artwork guitars. A well-built instrument is beautiful in itself. Why shouldn't a guitar be the subject or the basis for fine art? I want to give a personal and unique look to my guitars, in which I apply various techniques like painting, sculpting, wood carving and metalwork. The source of inspiration can literally come from artworks, movies, a legend, any mythological theme, or even a natural motif! I am currently learning the tricks of luthier profession and guitar making, because I consider it important that artwork guitars should be functional instruments also.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7JnLbnswSjEOR1RLTyXCkg>

website: www.slguitart.com>