K Jesse Fishman

"Guitar Monger" on YT & Insta

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, my guitar journey began at 12 when I started playing my first guitar, a Westone Concord 1 (which I still own). As an early teen, I modified it slightly, and then went on to learn about guitar tech/repair work.

Much later in life (2013), I took on my first kit build - a thinline tele with "figsby" and P90's. I needed a bit of instruction/information and it was at that point that I found the Crimson YT channel. Since then, I've built a total of 4 kits (including my customized firebird kit I built last year for GGBO21).

This year I'm working on my 5th kit: a Crimson Uncut Multi-scale kit with my own body design loosely based on Ben Crowe's "Nebula" body shape. It will have Fishman Fluence Abasi pickups with 5-way switch, individual bridge saddles, and gotoh-style tuners.

YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/mongolia03>
IG: https://www.instagram.com/guitarmonger/>