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Since I was a little kid in my dad’s shop I have been experimenting with tools and materials. Learning how to use and implement them. Now 40+ years later that’s all I have been doing: Making things and teaching how to make things involving metal, wood, plastic and more.

I have been making things ever since I was able to hold a hammer and likely longer than that. I grew up working around, and alongside my dad, a Long Island handyman.  He put me in an environment to keep experimenting  and learning, so my early education involved a wide array of problem solving using all manner of tools, skills and materials… and that is my philosophy in the shop; learn all you can about anything and everything so it becomes a part of your problem solving arsenal.


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"Workshops for Warriors® (WFW) is a fully audited, board-governed 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The mission of WFW is to provide quality training, accredited STEM educational programs, and opportunities to earn third party nationally recognized credentials to enable veterans, transitioning service members, and other students to be successfully trained and placed in their chosen advanced manufacturing career field."