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My woodworking adventure started in junior high when I built a half-pipe in the backyard. Soon after I picked up my first guitar.

In 2014 I combined these two to build my first guitar, an LP copy. It turned out great but being who I am I decided to change the top, destroying the guitar and learning a valuable lesson in the process.

 In 2017 after seeing Masao Ohmuro's Ghost Soldier guitar for ESP, expressed the age-old opinion - "How hard can it be?" and decided to try and build one myself. Soon after starting, I realized the answer to his question was "pretty damn hard!."   My stubbornness kept me from admitting defeat and after six months I created my first carved guitar..

 Fast forward a few years to 2020 GGBO was announced and I decided to put myself through the struggle of building another carved guitar in the theme of Odin, in which I took a somewhat controversial loss to a Jersey Cow named Violet. After the loss in 2020, I came back for more in 2021 took 3rd place, this time with the Medusa guitar.

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My Charity:  Preeclampsia Foundation has been selected due to the experience my wife and I had with this during the birth of our son.
Preeclampsia Foundation Charity Logo  

"Thousands of women and babies get very sick each year from a dangerous condition called preeclampsia, a life-threatening hypertensive disorder that occurs only during pregnancy and the postpartum period. 

Our Purpose is to improve the outcomes of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy by educating, supporting and engaging the community, improving healthcare practices, and finding a cure.

We envision a world where hypertensive disorders of pregnancy no longer threaten the lives of mothers and their babies."