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I live in a small town at the foot of the Slovenian Alps. I am surrounded with beautiful nature and priceless views.

I’ve rearranged a small garage into a cosy workshop where I can escape from all life’s obligations to build guitars and just enjoy.

Being a part of GGBO for the last two years pushed me to create even more and helped me to find a new passion which is creating YouTube content and sharing my experiences with the world.

I’m really enjoying this journey and I’m happy to see that I can bring some value to the people with whom I share this love for building guitars.

I’m grateful and glad that I can contribute back to the community this year by being invited to the Invitational contest.

I will do my best to build a nice guitar for whomever will play it and share the whole process in my videos.

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 Izak's Charity Is in aid of children:  

ZPMS   -   https://www.zpms.si/en/home/