ISOtunes 2023

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ISOtunes is a family owned business, offering hearing protection worldwide, specialising in hearing protection with enhanced audio and communication technology. As a global industry leader, ISOtunes promises to provide safe and innovative products to those who work and play in loud environments. 

ISOtunes in a professional environment

ISOtunes earplugs and ear defenders allow the hardest workers to listen to what they want, when they want, no matter their environment. As part of the ISOtunes experience, customers are guaranteed superior quality, technology, and customer service with every brand interaction. 

At its conception, ISOtunes set out to enhance safety, increase productivity, and promote connectivity by merging the latest developments in hearing protection technology with cutting-edge electronics in stylish, modern, and lightweight designs. To shop all ISOtunes products, please visit: #isotunes #isotuneseurope #hearingprotection

This year, prizes will include 3 of their latest noise-isolating hearing protection Earbuds and Headphones as prizes for the winners of the Scratch, Kit, and Freestyle Categories, as well as caps for some of our lucky Spot prize winners.


1st Prize - The latest LINK 2.0 with a boom mic attachment!

Ear defenders. Done Better.

2nd Prize - a set of FREE 2.0 Earphones.

Cut the cords. Go FREE. 


3rd Prize - a set of ISOtunes best selling PRO 2.0 Earphones.