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"Whether you are a furniture maker, wood turner, resin artist, pen maker, knife maker, jewellery maker, or someone who just likes to play with resin, we can help. We have hard-to-find resins, for pretty much everything, from making little kawaii charms and casting into moulds, to making dirty pour art, coating bar tops and making river tables. We have Alumilite, EcoPoxy, ArtResin, TurnTex Cactus Juice, UV resins, dyes, alcohol inks, moulds, and more.
House of Resin is run by the team behind Metal Clay Ltd. We're friendly, fast, and like to think we're easy to deal with. If you have any questions, we're only a phone call or an email away."

2021 House of Resin gave away £260 worth of products in prizes!


In 2022 House of Resin gave away :
1st Prize for the Scratch, Kit, Freestyle, and Professional Categories:
£50 Gift Voucher
In 2023 House of Resin gave away 1st Prize Givt Voucher for the Scratch, Kit, Freestyle and Professional Catefories:
£50 Gift Voucher