My name is Dan and I love shooting guns, as well as building (and playing) guitars and basses.

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 My guitar building hobby started with my first DIY kit five years ago as a challenge for my craftsmanship and creativity. It became an addictive hobby, and over the last five years I’ve continually sharpened my skills and am now on the brink of launching my own brand of custom guitars!

 But even more than a guitar builder and YouTuber, I am a husband, father, and a follower of Christ.

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This year my charity of choice is A21, an organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking and rescuing those enslaved in it. The unfortunate reality is that slavery still exists today in ALL countries and is a multi billion dollar industry. A21 partners with local law enforcement agencies around the world to take down this industry and free those living in bondage. My wife and I have supported A21 for years and we love getting the weekly emails telling the stories of people rescued from slavery and restored to their families, communities, and society. In my opinion there’s no better place to put your money than to fight for the freedom and restoration of those who have been stolen or sold into a life of shame and abuse.

You can learn more about A21 and their fight against human trafficking here:  https://www.a21.org/

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On a lighter note, I also enjoy consumer audio gear, RC vehicles, and nachos!