C Stijn Ampe


I started woodworking in march 2020 when the country locked down. Started with making furniture and little things. Recently built my first Telecaster and Tweed speaker cabinet and am ready for more.

Introduction - The plan so far

I'm Stijn, i'm 32 and live in Belgium. I started woodworking in 2020 during the lockdown. I assume i'm not alone in this. I have no background with any manual labour but have been playing guitar for 15 years. I planned on started woodworking about 10 years ago and bought a circular saw and ijgsaw but never did anything with them, since 2020 my tool collection grew exponentially.

I started making some furniture for in the house and other things like a tablefootballtable and recently finally made my first guitar and speaker cabinet. If interested you can check out my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sawworx/>

First guitar build

The guitar is inspired by Danish Pete his Telecaster from Andertons. It has an alder body I made from a blank with royal purple metallic nitro finish and original Fender roasted maple neck.

Introduction - The plan so far — Figure 1

GGO Build

For the GGBO build i'm planning on making a mahagony jazzmaster body from scratch, the neck i'll purchase from Warmoth. I'll paint it white and make a gold anodised or copper scratchplate so it's very pretty and shiny and then dump an active EMG pickup set in it and tune it to drop B.

For me it's a tribute build to three guitars I owned and sold to fund my woodworking. A Rutters Telemaster, a competely white Gretsch Corvette and a Ibanez RG.

Full specs:

  • Body: Mahagony blank -> Jazzmaster body
  • Neck: Warmoth reverse telecaster with stratocaster heel - maple + rosewood fretboard - 10/16 compound radius - Jumbo frets - wizard profile
  • Body + neck colour: Olympic white - Scrachplate: gold/copper - Hardware: black
  • Pickups: EMG 60/81 - 2 volume 1 tone
  • Bridge: Hipshot hardtail
  • Tuners: Planet waves locking tuners

First question

Warmoth suggests a 'hard finish' on the maple neck so should I paint the neck and body with polyurethane instead of nitrocellulose? I haven't done a poly finish before. Do you prefer a whipe on poly or to spray it? Or what finish do you suggest for the neck? I really would like the back white instead of clear coated.