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Hello Folks, Spike here honoured to be back in the GGBO 2022 this year. I am in the Community Builds, I have a few started, we won't be keeping score, not worried about any voting. I am in this for my friends, the challenge and because I loved it so much last year. I have a weekly Call in Livestream on Sunday a hour before the Crimson Extras stream. We have guest, share videos and updates and talk all things GGBO.

 One semester at Clemson University Engineering School and a lifetime of fixing stuff has prepared me for my YouTube love, being the Frugal Fixer.
 I am completely Self Taught, and sometimes the results show just that. But sometimes, I get lucky and make something real cool. Hang around and see which one this turns out to be, LOL
But I am going on a quest!!

I have been accused of being a HIGH TECH REDNECK! It Fits!!

Hi Spike here, The Frugal Fixer Shop owner. I was a contestant in the GGBO2021 Guitar Build contest and finished, that was an accomplishment. I am a Guitar builder, Musician, Busker, Maker, Gold Prospecting Equipment Builder and all involved, 3d printing, MPCNC, total Shop and ShopSmith rebuilds and avid user,
and Frugal Fixer Projects. I have been accused of just being a HIGH TECH REDNECK, More on my other channels!! Keep all the Gold stuff over on the Spike's Prospecting Equipment channel.