C Justin Skiles

I've never built a guitar before, but I've wanted to for years, mostly inspired by watching Ben Crowe build beautiful instruments. I wanna go to luthier school and learn how, but before that I'll be building a kit bass for GGBO.

My kit bass build plan

I was already planning on building a kit bass as my first step in lutherie and right when I was ready to buy a kit the GGBO 2022 announcement popped up so I figured with the perfect timing I oughta join up. This build isn't going to be anything fancy, I just wanted a nice simple P bass for a mellower sound since my current basses (an LTD and an Ibanez) are geared towards metal plus this being my first build I figured it would be wise to keep things simple.

I bought a very cheap kit from guitarfetish with a maple neck & fingerboard and a paulownia body. I'm going to paint the body a lavender color, but before I do that I wanna add some weight to it to avoid neck dive since paulownia is very light. I think I'll probably just drill some holes and fill them with fishing weights and glue and then top it off with some wood filler. Even if it's a cheap bass built by a complete novice I still want it to sound nice so I've gotten a Seymour Duncan SPB-1 to replace the cheapo pickup the kit comes with.

I can't wait to get started and share the progress, happy building everyone!