I hit things with sticks...

I live on a small farm in northern Indiana, United States. I am married and have a 12 year old son. I have been playing drums since I for 32 years, guitar and bass for about 10. Completely self taught on all of them (read that as I kinda suck). I dabble in woodworking. I raise my own beef cows. I work in the RV industry.
I have never built an instrument before. I have some very minor wood working experience and a small shop with tools. I'm just doing this for fun and to push myself. I do not have a youtube channel or anything.

Hello all!!

I hit things with sticks...

Hi everybody! My name is Jonathan. This will be my first attempt at making an instrument of any kind. I will be making an electric bass (only because I already have pickups and bridge laying around). I will be making the body out of my old walnut fireplace mantle (attached pic). I haven't decided if I will attempt to make the neck myself or purchase a premade neck for it. We'll see how ambitious I get.

Hello all!! — Figure 1