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I've been building guitars vicariously for several years from the comfort of my sofa, following and cheering on many builders and absorbing as much as I can from them.
I like making things, I'm handy (ooh...) and I've always wanted to build a guitar. Having a start, an end and a community, GGBO seems like the perfect way to start a project like this. Life got in the way last year, but this year I'm in.
Experience? None. Never done a kit, used a router or until last year adjusted a truss rod. I'm attempting a scratch build for no other reason than I think it will give me more enjoyment and a greater opportunity to learn. What's the worst that can happen? I f*** up some wood, maybe lose a finger?


Huge thanks to GGBO and Triton for my spot prize for "Jumping in at the Deep End and Fabulous Video Editing". The bench clamps look awesome and I look forward to using them once I get them off my testicles.

Incredibly surprised and grateful to be awarded anything for a first build - I'm grinning like a fool. 🙂

Woo! — Figure 1


Woo! — Figure 2

My build.

My first ever build

so I've gone and built a bloody guitar! With no prior experience not even a kit. I'm over the moon with it. A couple of tweaks and a set up left to do.

Demo and super edit to follow at some point.

A big thank you to anyone who's ever uploaded a video, shared their knowledge, and generally been a friend. There are many this is such a great community.

and I still have all my fingers - even the ones I don't like. Hoopla!


My first ever build — Figure 1


My first ever build — Figure 2


My first ever build — Figure 3