c Greg Scott

Hobbyist woodworker and first time bass guitar builder.

Almost finished

Here is a picture of the current progress. Its assembled, finished and playable. I could call it done as-is but there are a few finishing touches i would like to add. I'm making a decorative badge for the headstock because it looks a little empty at the moment. I also need a better way to attach the pickup covers and control knobs. Its basically a friction fit at this point but I'm sure the wood will expand or contract a bit so something more permanent will be necessary.


Almost finished — Figure 1

I re-drilled the holes for the bridge to line it up better with the neck. Wiring complete and the hardware is all attached. Holds it tuning well so far and sounds good through my practice amp. I went with the Tru-Oil for the finish. I like how it turned out but I lost track of the number of coats. Probably around 7 or 8 and buffed with a 0000 finishing pad.


Almost finished — Figure 2