C Fredrik Svensson

How hard can it be?

Swedish electronics engineer that spends almost all working time in front of a computer screen...
Never built a guitar before, although I have done some renovation work on both acoustics and electrics.
Was planning to build myself a bass, but then I realized that the guitars I own are really sh*t. So a new idea took form, to build a new electric guitar instead.
Or maybe this is just an excuse for me to buy more tools....

Too much going on in work and personal life, so I figure the community build is just right for me - no pressure.

I've thought about building myself a new electric guitar for a while now, but time just flies...

Finally got some kind of work done and put some ideas down on paper - carefully measuring everything out as the engineer I am, and then going completely off the rails by drawing soooo much freehand.

Anyway, the first draft of something that looks vaguely like a guitar is here, with room for improvement.

I'll let this brew for a while; enough to make me change my mind about details several times, and then maybe I'll be ready to start cutting timber.

I'm doing a 630mm scale, possibly a semi-hollow. The body will be made from paulownia and aluminium, with a flamed birch top and back. The neck will be birch with an oak fretboard. Because that's what I have in storage and I think it might be cool (and I don't know any better).

Don't know when I'll find the time to continue, but then again, there's plenty of time left 'til October...


Late to the party — Figure 1