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I have been A home builder/general contractor all my life. Born and raised in the PNW/Oregon USA.
 I was raised on job sites, camping out on the job Monday to Friday every summer with my dad and a guitar. If I wasn't in school, I was on a job site. We would work all day and jam all night.
 When I was 14, I checked out 'the guitar handbook' from my school library. I begged my parents to help me build my first guitar out of things we had around the house based on sketches from the book.
We built 3 hideous barely playable acoustic guitars out of old hollow doors, plywood scraps and 2x4s. one burned in a house fire, the second one was shredded in the trunk of a car that was wrecked, the 3rd one my dad still keeps hanging on his wall 25 years later.
 Ever since, I dreamed of one day becoming a guitar builder/luthier. However, I followed paychecks and stayed in construction into my mid 30s.
In 2015 I had an on-the-job accident, resulting in multiple spinal injuries that took away my ability to walk or stand on my own, leaving me in nonstop extreme pain.
After 5 years of a wheelchair, 3 spinal surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy, I was back on my feet ready to take the world by storm.
the day my doctor signed the note releasing me to light duty work, was exactly one month before the pandemic lockdowns began.
Since I could not return to work in a shutdown world, I began giving full monster garage style make overs to my own guitars. some friends and family saw photos of what I was working on and before I knew it, I was being asked to build guitars for other people.
 (It is amazing how one door closing in what seems like a tragic way, can be a blessing in disguise. Opening new doors to new beautiful, exciting chapters in life. Never give up, never surrender to hardships.)
So far, I have built 10 guitars, 6 of those professionally, some with reproposed parts and allot of homemade artwork.
I was building guitars from my dining room table, but recently moved the operation to my shed. this spring I hope to build an additional shop connected to my shed.
I work out of my makeshift guitar shop/backyard shed but do what I can with what I got.
 I joined the professional category because, though I am not a fully established shop yet. I do hope to have a full-scale operation soon.
 I have learned so much from guitar builder videos on YouTube. to be able to transfer my construction skills to guitars because of "how to" videos is amazing. I am a HUGE fan of Ben 'Crimson Guitars' and have seen every YouTube video they have put out. I am also a big fan and influenced by builders like Dan from 'Guns n Guitars', the guys at 'Texas Toast' and learned everything I know about guitar electronics from 'Dylan talks tone'.
I've been working with tools big and small my entire life on large projects. while guitar building is very different, most of the concepts are the same. Guitar building is not only the perfect art medium for me but is much easier on the back then heavy construction.
I am so grateful for the sharing of knowledge from people like I've mentioned above that, win or lose, I am just happy I was able to be a part of this historic adventure!
With the new categories and structure for the GGBO22, I have the chance to compete with some of the greatest builders in the world.
I cannot express how excited and honored I am to have this opportunity to join the GGBO22!

I will do my best to not disappoint.

Guitars and music have saved my life in multiple ways many times in my life. I hope this opportunity will lead to me being able to help inspire others.

Thank You and Love to you all.
Avery Allen Aaron

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Unfortunately must bow out.


AAA Guitars, Hotrod & Custom

Hello you wonderful people in the great guitar build off.

please accept my entry fee as a donation to the ggbo.

For those of you who know my story, I've been having an ongoing long-term battle with Mobility after a spinal injury. The injury has triggered some degenerative issues that is taking a toll on my Mobility the last couple months. Because of this I am going to have to politely step away from the great guitar build off so I can focus more time on building Ada ramps while I can. Otherwise soon I won't even be able to access my routing table or band saw.

 Please do not feel sad for me. I do not want a pity party. I am a warrior and will be back!!!. I guarantee that.!!!

hopefully I can kick this things ass like I have three times before already, and be back stronger than ever to compete next year. 💪😎🎸

Again please do not send "I'm sorry" comments, as this is just one of those things people call obstacles that happen in everybody's lives. It's not special. it's just one of those things that people have to deal with sometimes. Words of encouragement, sharing my art and webpages is ALWAYS appreciated. 🙏 I just don't want to let an affliction define who I am with sorry pity parties.


Thank you everyone, I'm sending up love for you all and keep making those amazing beautiful guitars that fuel my spirit