C Allyn Barnes

I dont want any votes or prizes.

Im only here for the completion date, as I started building these 2 guitars in March 2021.

1st ones done — Figure 1

SO much bass, almost no treble.

kinda expected it because i only have a 15 watt Peavey bass amp.

Trying to get videos up on YT. Hopefully soon.

1st: 28-30" baritone,
Spalted maple body,
Brown oak neck (according to google),
Canarywood fretboard,
Dual humbuckers,
All gold hardware.


2nd: 27" baritone flying v,
Live edge spalted maple body,
Maple/padauk/maple neck,
Cherry fretboard,
Dual humbuckers,
All black hardware.

Both will be finished with Tru-oil.

Good luck to all.
I cant wait to see what everyone is going to come out with this year.

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to the GGBO team, Crimson guitars and the sponsers.

And specially to Ben for starting it. 😃

Its been an awesome time. Learned a WHOLE bunch. Spent a lot of money (mostly on tools).

I now have 2 more guitars to play, and plans for 6 more. I have odd and assorted parts and wood for all of them.

My next guitar is a just a regular t type for my great grand daughter.

I think the 40" scale length bass will be for GGBO23. I cant wait...