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Ben started building guitars in a garage in Chichester while studying the building of early stringed musical instruments at the prestigious West Dean College.

 After finding the early music scene a little too conservative for his taste, Ben started to concentrate on building truly custom instruments and, in 2005 Crimson Guitars was founded in a small workshop just outside Dorchester on the UK’s beautiful south coast.

 Ben went full tilt into electric instrument making and along the way created a global following through using Social Media to promote the building of guitars.  Bens' YouTube channel now has a following of c. 300kwith around a million video views each month and his goal is to push the boundaries of luthiery while inspiring the next generation to do the same.

 After building instruments with such luminaries of the guitar world as Robert Fripp, Charlie Jones and Jakko Jakszyk among others and after a few workshop moves, Ben started filming video tutorials and also making luthiers tools. These two new aspects brought Crimson to a much wider audience and Ben’s videos now rack up over half a million views every month. Additionally our handmade luthiers tools are helping to create guitars all around the world.

 Creativity is a great equaliser and the ability to make with ones hands that which another will love and cherish is the ability to improve the lives of both the maker and the eventual owner of the work.  Add in the fact that Ben is making guitars which in themselves hold the potential for yet further artistic endeavour and we have what we think is the perfect expression of creativity.


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