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The Great Guitar Build Off has seen me travel through time and space in 2021 and become a ring bearer in 2022. This year will see me in the No Limits Invitational category making a guitar for you!

I have been building electric guitars in my backyard shed for the past five years and have been playing the guitar for 35 years. I have always had a love of woodworking and making or fixing things myself. Combined with creating Youtube videos, I have found the perfect creative outlet. I love the challenge of bringing ideas to reality and wondering what if? 

My guitars have included a number of themed or ‘inspired by’ guitars, as well as more traditional builds. I’m moving towards building electric guitars exclusively using Australian timbers and materials.

Mild-mannered secondary school teacher by day, guitar builder and guitarist by night.

Winner of the Great Guitar Build Off 2022 scratch build category.




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