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The Great Guitar Build-off

Allan Corona

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HI! My name is Allan.

I recently started making my own custom bass guitars, all the way from designing the shape to buying wood boards, to finishing them.

When the pandemic hit, I was asked if I could make a replica of Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 bass, after one of my friend saw the ones I've made for my collection. That took off in a way I would've never dreamed off. I had to launch my website www.thalassacustombasses.com for people who wanted a Mark Hoppus replica at an affordable price, but having the option to customize it if they'd wanted to.

My work caught Mark Hoppus interest, he contacted me through Instagram, complemented my work, and I presented the idea of making one of his all time favorite bass replicas, so he could auction it, for a donation to Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Mark currently has that bass at his home, and is currently thinking on how to auction the bass, but in the meanwhile he does some Twitch streams using it, and also he's using it to record new music.

I am currently working on voice over for that build video, but between been a part time retail employee, and a full time dad, it has taken longer than what I would've wanted.

I would be honored, if I could join the GGBO 2021, creating either another Mark Hoppus bass replica, and through the Great Guitar Build Off, raise more money for CHLA which helps kids and also took a lot of covid patients through 2020. As a father of an Autistic kid, this build will have more than just hard wood work, but my heart on it.

Thank you so much for the opportunity, for us small builders, to show our work to the world!


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