GGBO Scratch and Kit build Competition


As GGBO 2021 begins to come to a close we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of what happens next.

The deadline for all submissions for Scratch and Kit builds is 30/06/2021.

All competitors should have received an email containing a link to upload 5 final photos of the completed build as well as a link to their final YouTube video. All photos and the YouTube link will be added to the contestants profile. 

From 01/07/2021 - 05/07/2021 there will be a public vote where you can go to the profile of your favourite builder and vote for them to win. 

After the public voting has closed we will then shortlist the top 10 from the Scratch and Kit competitions and these will be sent to our judging panel to decide the overall winner. 

If you have not received an upload link please check your spam folder or email

We wish you all the best of luck!!!


GGBO 2021 Invitationals


Due to unforeseen circumstances some of the builders for the GGBO 2021 Invitational have been unable to finish their projects by the original deadline of 31/05/2021. We have therefore decided to extend the deadline for these builds to 19/06/2021. The auction will now also go live on 22/06/2021 via the Crimson Guitars eBay.  


Below is a list of the 10 entrants in the Invitational and where they are with this year’s contest.


Ben Crowe - Ben is in the closing stages of his GGBO 2021 build, the guitar is looking fantastic and is almost ready. He expects he will meet the new deadline and will be putting his guitar up for the auction on time.


Laura Poingdestre – Laura followed up on her amazing success from last years competition and has once again blown us away with her Royal British legion Poppy Guitar. Photos of Laura’s guitar are on the invitationals page on her profile, it is a must see!!!


Tamar Hannah 3x3 custom – Tamar is another returning competitor from GGBO 2020 and has certainly not disappointed with her entry into GGBO 2021. This year Tamar has built a beautiful offset guitar with a unique body design. This guitar is also decked out with world class pickups and hardware. A truly amazing guitar from a truly amazing luthier, you can check out Tamar’s build on her profile on the invitationals page.


Brad Angove – Brad has once again absolutely smashed it out the park again this year, the quality of the work coming from this Canadian luthier never ceases to amaze and inspire. His 2021 entry is a fantastic one-of-a-kind piece that is a true testament to his love of guitar building and his knowledge of the craft. You can see Brad's build in all its glory on his page on the invitationals page of the website.


Jimmy Diresta - Unfortunately Jimmy couldn’t finish his build for the original deadline due to becoming involved with a TV show that wasn’t on the schedule when he entered GGBO 2021. However, he is trying his best to find enough time to finish his build in time for the new deadline and we cannot wait to see what he comes up with.


Colin CSGuitars – Well if we had to pick a guitar for GGBO 2021 that was most unique to the builder, it would be Colin with the “Guitartan”. An incredible multiscale Flying V, with a sapele body and a brilliant Oak barrel top. Complete with a Tartan covered neck pickup and matching scratch plate, and to top it all off a decorative Claymore. You can check out this crazy build on Colin’s profile in the invitationals section of the website.


Johnny from Crafted Workshop – Johnny was also unable to make the original deadline due to time constraints. However, he is still hard at work on his build as well as several other projects and is hoping to meet the new deadline.


Dylan Talks Tone – Dylan was unable to complete the guitar due in time to unforeseen circumstances, he will still be completing his guitar over the coming weeks and still plans to place his guitar up for auction for his chosen charity when it is finished.


Tchicks Guitars - Tchiks guitars was one of the few builders in the 2021 Invitational that wanted to build from scratch other than a kit guitar, and his build is something very special. He crafted a 1-piece guitar from cherry wood from headstock to body with no neck join. He went even further and loaded this amazing guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups and Schaller hardware. To check out this phenomenal guitar, take a look at Tchiks profile on the invitationals page.


Tim Sway – We were all super excited to see what Tim would come up with for GGBO 2021 and he did not disappoint. Tim prides himself on sustainability and zero wastage of materials, and as such not only did he make an amazing guitar, but he also built a detachable mandolin and a stand for the instrument from off cuts. This one has to be seen to be believed, you can view this incredible piece on Tim’s profile on the invitationals page.




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