Kit Guitar or Bass Build 2022


The Hobbyist Kit Guitar or Bass Building category where anything goes. 

Building a quality guitar kit is one of the very best ways for a novice to get into guitar building but also allows a seasoned professional to really let loose without having to worry about boring things like routing pickup cavities or aligning neck pockets.. you get to play with mind bending new ergonomic shapes, inlays or painstaking carves of.. who knows what!?

This could also be the competition for the most laid back, perfectly appointed studio guitar where all that matters is that one pickup and how it reacts to just the right setup hit at just the right angle by you, just the right player/builder!

Take an existing guitar or guitar kit and customise it beyond what the previous laws of physics deemed possible, or not.. that's up to you.. You can make a whole new body for your instrument from scratch if required, but the rule is that if the neck was made by someone else then this is classed as a kit build.


THE ENTRANCE FEE is £50 for all competitors excepting the invitational, this allows us to cover the administration costs while also leaving as much 'profit' as possible to plough into the real mission of GGBO, helping people who can't afford to to get into this wonderful hobby and career that is guitar building.

In the spirit of the GGBO, if you cannot afford the entry fee, please contact us and we will - on a case by case basis- offer a 50% subsidy.

On payment of the entrance fee each competitor will be sent a logo/media pack with instructions, a link to purchase an exclusive category specific GGBO Tee if they want one and an private invite to a Builders Area of the website. This is where they will create their own profile, link to all their socials and where they will share the process of their build as it progresses. From the 1st of April this area will be visible to the public and there will be links to everyone's profile on the main site.

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THE PERKS... As part of their entry, main sponsor Crimson Guitars, will gift each luthier with a private discount on their luthiers tool and supply store worth 10% off everything on the site (apart from the 3 month & longer in person guitar building courses) and a full 20% off any kit guitars or timber.  This coupon will be good for unlimited use up until the final videos go live. Competitors will also be given the option to join the Crimson Guitars affiliates program for fun and profit.


JUDGING & VOTING of all 5 categories in the competition will be performed by all the competitors in GGBO this year, removing the public vote will entirely curtail the voting issues we suffered through last year. 

Finally, throughout the competition there will be monthly spot prizes given out to people for everything from the best inlay to the most especially epically edited video or even the most ferocious hairstyle (Ben need not apply).. so get out your curling tongs, I have spoken.


THE PRIZES! There are no prizes for the Invitational apart from a trophy, bragging rights and good feelings!

But, well, this is where it gets truly interesting for the other categories. There will be a variety of prizes donated by many companies, friends and other assorted fans of luthiery. 

The main prize will be for the top 3 places of each category, and these will include but not be limited to a trophy (finally), tools and cool gear, even coffee and, well.. assorted other bits and pieces that will make you the envy of all far and wide. But, that is not all, not all by far...

We feel that as well as these toys and trinkets, cool as they will be, nothing says 'I won' quite so well as cool, hard CASH! 5% of all money raised through the prize draws of both the Invitational and Professional entries will go to the top three competitors in the Freestyle, Scratch and Kit categories. 3% to the winner and 1% each to the 2 runners up.



Finally, throughout the competition there will be monthly Spot Prizes given out to people for everything from the best inlay to the most especially epically edited video or even the most ferocious hairstyle (Ben need not apply).. so get out your curling tongs, I have spoken.


1st April - You can start building as soon as you know the rules (see above) but are not allowed to post video or photo's of the build to your GGBO profile or YouTube channel until the 1st of April. This is to allow as many people as possible to start their builds properly while removing the head start that early entrants will have otherwise received in their various door-stepping, polling and otherwise hard hitting self promoting activities.

In the same vein the contestants pages will only go live on April 1st!  These pages will have links to your GGBO22 profile and all your posts and comments. After this date we will start promoting everyone's builds with ferocity and fire on Crimson Guitars Extras YouTube channel and the GGBO Instagram account there will also be some videos on the main Crimson Guitars channel.

1st of October - The Final super-edit video for the three hobbyist and the Professional category, which should not be more than 45 minutes long, will go live. You will not be disqualified if it doesn't and you can post early, see the Rules above.. but your vote garnering will be seriously inhibited without a nice concise video for your fans to lovingly watch and share with all and sundry..

Academy voting in all categories will be open for four weeks, we will poll each participant for their votes for the top builder in each category.

15th of November We will announce the winners of each category in a video on the Crimson Guitars YouTube channel. It will be a day of general celebration, parties will had, drinks will quaffed and tears (both of joy and of defeat) will be shed. It will be a day to remember.. and then planning will commence, for of course, there is always GGBO 2023!

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