Invitational 2022


The Invitational is an invite only category of the Great Guitar Build Off competition, a small group of hand picked YouTubers, generally with larger than average followings, will compete for dominance while raising money for GGBO and for a charity/all around great cause of their choice.

Competitors will be given the same standardised Crimson Guitars Uncut kit plus a hard case and will use that, within certain guidelines, to create a one of a kind guitar. They can choose to create a whole series of videos or one epic video following a full build with the final video going live on or before September 17th when voting will begin.

This instrument will be raffled off with 5% of the proceeds being put up as 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in the 3 public categories and 40% going to GGBO. 45% will go to a charity or good cause of the builders choice, while 10% pays the raffle's worldwide licencing fees, a sad but essential part of the whole competition. 

The top 3 up will be chosen by the other builders in the competition, the GGBO academy in a closed vote. Guitar Builders judging other guitar builders.

The final, or only, video has to be live by the 17th of September with the raffle to win the finished instrument as well as voting on the winners going live on that day too. After much shameless self promotion over a 6 week period the raffle and voting will end on the last day of October with the winners and amounts raised for good causes announced on the 5th of November in a livestream on the Crimson Guitars YouTube channel.

Raffle funds are only released on safe delivery of the instrument to the raffle winner, who will be liable for shipping costs from the builder to themselves.

The winner of the GGBO22 Invitational Competition will receive a cool trophy, oodles of karma and bragging rights forever. In the end the point of GGBO is promote guitar building and making in general and to help convince everyone that the best life is often lived from behind a workbench.

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