1st April - You can start building as soon as you know the rules (see above) but are not allowed to post video or photo's of the build to your GGBO profile or YouTube channel until the 1st of April. This is to allow as many people as possible to start their builds properly while removing the head start that early entrants will have otherwise received in their various door-stepping, polling and otherwise hard hitting self promoting activities.

In the same vein the contestants pages will only go live on April 1st!  These pages will have links to your GGBO22 profile and all your posts and comments. After this date we will start promoting everyone's builds with ferocity and fire on Crimson Guitars Extras YouTube channel and the GGBO Instagram account there will also be some videos on the main Crimson Guitars channel.

17th September - The Invitational and Professional categories will release their final (or only if they so choose) video on their YouTube channel and the Raffles to win each of these amazing instruments will start on the same day, these will run for 6 weeks ending at the same time as the other categories. Voting in the Invitational and Professional categories will also start on the 17th and will go on for 6 weeks of frenetic self promotion and in-fighting!

1st of October - The Final super-edit video for the three hobbyist and the Professional category, which should not be more than 45 minutes long, will go live. You will not be disqualified if it doesn't and you can post early, see the Rules above.. but your vote garnering will be seriously inhibited without a nice concise video for your fans to lovingly watch and share with all and sundry..

Academy voting in all categories will be open for four weeks, we will poll each participant for their votes for the top builder in each category.

5th of November We will announce the winners of each category in a massive live stream event on the Crimson Guitars YouTube channel. Prizes will be confirmed and we will also be announcing the winners of each raffled guitar. It will be a day of general celebration, parties will had, drinks will quaffed and tears (both of joy and of defeat) will be shed. It will be a day to remember.. and then planning will commence, for of course, there is always GGBO 2023!

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