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The Great Guitar Build Off

Enter the Kit Professional Build Category 2023



How do I know I'm a Professional Builder?

  •      If you make more than 50% of your income from guitar building or guitar repair then you are a pro.  

Congrats! You can still compete in all three categories but it will be against other professional builders and only for the GLORY

No prizes this time, apart from a cool trophy and a permanent place on the GGBO winners list.

If you have a larger following and want to compete in the Invitational Category then get in touch we would love to hear from you.


Building from a quality guitar kit is one of the very best ways for a novice to get into guitar building but also allows the seasoned professional to really let loose without having to worry about the basics of routing pickup cavities or having to align neck pockets, etc.

Take a guitar kit and make it your own. The rule is: if the neck was made by someone else this is classed as a Kit Build.

Our exclusive Merch for your category will be available soon.


Every build this year will be a sponsored build raising donations for your choice from a selection of music based causes GGBO wants to help. 


Many people have asked about selling tickets for their guitars, like the Invitationals and Professionals of last year.  If you would like to donate your guitar to help raise money for Good Causes please contact us and we will consider it on a case by case basis.

Your guitar could be entered into a Prize Draw on The Daily Guitar Draw.

 The funds raised for the Good Causes are only released on the safe delivery of the instrument to the winner.

Product information


The Category where Anything Goes!
2023 Kit Build Category
Build anything you can Imagine!
The Category where Anything Goes!
2023 Kit Build Category
Build anything you can Imagine!
The Category where Anything Goes!
2023 Kit Build Category
Build anything you can Imagine!


How can we help?

What is the entrance fee?

£50 for all categories with the exception of the Invitational and Community.


On a case by case basis we will subsidise the entrance fee if you cannot afford to join or do not wish to enter the Community Category.

Can I enter more than one category?

Yes. If you have the ambition to build more then one guitar, feel free to enter another category. You will need to pay both entry fees.

Can I build with a Friend?

Yes. You can build by yourself or with a friend, or in a group. You will, however, only get one profile page and will have to share any prizes should you win.

Who will judge the Competition?

The judging will be done by the builders from all the categories, builders judging builders, plus members of the newly formed Members Community.  All contestants and members will be sent newsletters to which they will respond with their top 3 choices for each category ranked first to last. Judging will be split into two parts, the first part will be to choose the winners of the Kit, Scratch and Freestyle Categories.  The second part will be to choose the winners of the Invitational Category.

Where can people see my work?

Every entrant will get a profile page on this website with information you provide - a short Bio, a profile pic and links to your Social Media. You will need to send us photos to document your build progress and up to 10 shots of your final guitar for voting; and we will update your profile page.