I Have Been Watching WAY Too Much Reality TV

Y'all have no idea how much reality TV I have been watching to get my rap down. We wanted our videos for this contest to be in the same style as one of those shows on the Discovery Channel. We will be working with our friends at Super Bitchin Studios for all the video work. The first video is a quick promo to help us get used to working with each other and figure out what sorts of things need to go into the videos. We are very excited to be competing in the Great Guitar Build Off 2020! This might just be the coolest thing we are doing all year... and we are working on a lot of cool stuff! Thanks again to the entire crew at Crimson Guitars for all the hard work making this contest a reality.

Check out the latest video here...

Best of all, we will be donating our time and all of the money raised to help out our brother-in-arms Brian Nutter. If you want to pitch in too to check out...https://www.gofundme.com/f/1w5owzczhc

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