How this all started...

So this began when Matt and Chris, of Texas Toast Guitars posted a video, in March, about doing a Guitar Building Challenge and asked their Patreon members to suggest people to do this with. There was a surprising number of people suggesting Crimson Guitars and, thankfully, some of our mutual followers let us know.

(It's a long video so start at 19:42 for the original challenge.)

This lead to Ben calling Matt out on Instagram, and some heated banter in the DM's :)

All in good fun...

On to a rather lengthy long distance phone call where the initial plans for the challenge were hashed out. It's been a while in development, but we are very please to announce the first YouTubers to accept the Challenge:

We can't wait for you all to get involved. This is going to be EPIC!

So stay safe, stay Awesome and keep making sawdust!

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